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When you want to see the amazing sites of the West, free and unfettered by being enclosed in a car or bus, come to the place...
Cruiser Rentals | Bikers West | Los Angeles, CA | (310) 597-5425
There likely is no better, more unique alternative to seeing the unmatched sites of the West than by seeing them while...
Long Term Motorcycle Rentals | Bikers West | Los Angeles, CA | (310) 597-5425
If you are considering the joys of the motorcycle lifestyle, but are not ready to commit, test out the possibility and...

Freedom to Ride! Enjoy the Best of the West!

Welcome to Bikers West

Our ancestors were stuck with exploring the West by horse and covered wagon. Today, we have the opportunity to turn a trip into an adventure by making that trip on a motorcycle.
If you have not invested in your own wheels or are visiting and want to see the area from the seat of a bike, Bikers West is the largest renter of cruisers and Goldwings in the greater Los Angeles, CA area. We can rent you a well-maintained Japanese-made motorcycle for half a day or an entire year at terms that make our rental price the lowest in the region.
Our owner, Mike Higgins, has made a career out of cruising the highways and byways on his bike. He can attest to the added excitement that motorcycle riding can bring to seeing the grandeur of California and neighboring states. In fact, he and our staff are happy to help you map out a touring route that will meet with your plans and exceed your expectations.
We at Bikers West want you to enjoy your time with our bike and the exhilaration that comes with the freedom they afford. So our rental terms are simple. When you sign a rental agreement, you will discover that it includes:

  • No Hidden FeesRental rates are all inclusive. There are no added fees for mileage, pick-ups and deliveries, or insurance.
  • GearWe will provide you with the helmets, gloves, and saddlebags you require.
  • LuggageWe can store you extra luggage for you while you are out on the road.
  • RepairsWe will reimburse you if you have a flat and need a new tire. If you have a breakdown and a repair is deemed too costly, we will bring you a new bike to use for the duration of your rental.
Contact us at Bikers West in Los Angeles, CA to reserve your ride or for more information. We offer decreasing amount of the rental fees with a long term motorcycle rental. Freedom to Ride! Enjoy the Best of the West!