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There likely is no better, more unique alternative to seeing the unmatched sites of the West than by seeing them while nestled in the saddle of a cruiser motorcycle. Not only does the experience give you more freedom, it also just plainly is the cool way to go.
Bikers West is the best-rated place to go for cruiser rentals in Los Angeles, CA. When you rent a bike from us, we can guarantee you a low price that will beat the competition every time.
We specialize in providing a variety of top quality Japanese motorcycles. One of our well maintained bikes is sure to fit you and enhance your personal style. Select from Honda Goldwings, including the Jester, Blue Belle, Ghost, and Ruby models. Our cruisers include the Yamaha Midnite, Cherry, and Silverado; the Kawasaki Volcan; and the Honda Blue Bandit Shadow and Magna 750.
Rental fees are based on the term length and the type of motorcycle you choose. However, our low rates fall with longer rentals, whether you take them for a daily rental, a weekly rental, or for any period up to 12 months. For example, a two-day rental of a 750 is $160, but is only $560 for a seven-day rental. You also can use our Suzuki  250 for up to two hours to take your DMV driving test.
If you are a visitor to our area, we can store your extra luggage while you are touring. We also provide saddlebags, helmets, and gloves as part of the rental fee.
Enjoy the best of the west on the back of a motorcycle from Bikers West. Visit us at our location one mile north of LAX airport in Los Angeles, CA to select the perfect ride at the perfect price that will meet your needs.